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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recommended Podcasting Tools Feb 2009


BLUE Snowball USB Microphone

Samson USB Microphone

USB XLR Interface (use any pro mic and plug it into your computer)

Audio Recorders:

mAudio Microtrack 24/96

Olympus DS30 w/ME15 mic

Your computer can record with a USB or FireWire interface

Audio Recording and Editing Software:

Audacity (free, open source)

WavePad (free) and MixPad ($50.00)

Kristal Audio Engine (free)

DigiDesign ProTools LE (educational pricing available)

Converting Files…I have guavas and I need kiwi fruit

Switch (free basic version, pay Plus version)

Audio Equipment Vendors:

Sweetwater (Alan Finkbeiner is our sales person)

B&H Photo (Chiam Cohen is our sales person)


Telephone Recording Interfaces:

JK Audio QuickTap (records audio to and from your handset)